About Me

A writer, I think, is someone who pays attention to the world.

—Susan Sontag

I have always enjoyed writing and learning new things. Crafting quality content for websites has been a great way to feed both of those passions.

I got into content writing after spending years helping family and friends to proof and rewrite their own content, and gradually started to recognize how often we either lack the time or the skill to draft readable, interest-grabbing prose that is accessible to a broad audience.

One of the things that I feel strongly about is the need to be supportive of small businesses. I imagine that is in part because I have attempted launches of my own businesses several times in the past, so I have some understanding of the frustrations and challenges business owners face getting off the ground and growing. This venture of mine is a small way I can contribute to that and help others to grow their own business through effective web content, which serves an important role in marketing and brand messaging.